How Processors are made for phones & desktops

How are the processors used in the phone & desktop made?

How are mobile and desktop processors made, which company makes them, what is the work of the processor, what is the processor called, how is the processor made, friends, if you do not know about the processor, then today we will tell you all about the processor? What is the way of making processors and what is the use of processors, what are the companies that make processors, how many types of core processors are there?

How the processor works, why the processor is necessary when the processor was started, today we will tell you the complete information related to these, then stay with this post to get complete knowledge about the processor.

What is Processor?

What is a Processor works like a mind Processor runs all types of command-line scores correctly for our device Processor manages the speed of our device as well as processor helps in loading every data You can understand it in simple language like this, it is a device of a processor.

To understand the processor and in simple language, you can understand that the processor is the main control in a way, it takes care of all kinds of things happening on your system, gives them the speed to run well, you can do any work on your system. If you do, it is possible only with the help of the processor, then you can understand that in the easy language it is the main part of the system, so in this way you must have known about all the processors to some extent, to know more below keep reading.

Which company makes the processor?

Which company makes processors, friends, all of you must know about some companies, friends, there are many types of processors and there are many types of companies that make processors. Number 1. Qualcomm Snapdragon No. 2. MediaTek Tech Both these companies are very different. In the case of making processors, most of the recent phones of phones are used only Qualcomm Snapdragon or MediaTek.

MediaTek and Qualcomm Snapdragon have become very popular processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon is no less, Qualcomm Snapdragon was started in the year 2007.

The same MediaTek was started on 28 May 1997 and Tsai Ming-kai is the founder of MediaTek, both of these companies make Android processors.

Which company is the manufacturer of laptop & desktop processors?

Friends, the name of the company that makes laptops and desktop processors is Intel and Ryzen. Friends, both these companies have been making processors for a long time, while Intel has been making processors for a very long time.

  1. Intel Processor.

Intel has been making processors for a long time, when the desktop was introduced, Intel has been bringing its processors since then, friends Intel was started in the market, on July 18, 1968, Intel is also moving ahead in terms of gaming.

  • 2. Ryzen Processors.

Ryzen makes a very good processor in terms of gaming and friends, it started in February 2017 so you can go further to the market.

What is silicone?

First of all, we have to know what is silicon. Silicon is a semiconductor element that is used to make processors of mobile. It is made in the form of a cylinder, after which it is cut into thin thin parts called wafers, these wafers are cut by the size of the chip designer, then it is polished and made smooth so that the roughness of its surface is not at all. After that it is sent to the chip designer, there it is checked which shows which fabrication is to be done, on which millions of transistors are made, the place where they are made is a lot. There is a clean place where even a cause of dust can spoil everything, so it is made in a very clean place, this is done because millions of transistors are installed on a chip, any transistor If I made any mistake then it would be a big loss. It is not possible, so it is done very carefully, so it is done in a very clean place.

First of all, a layer of silicon dioxide is placed on the wafers, after which photosensitive air is applied, this process is called photolithography, now the design of the designer who was made by the designer is made on the wafers. The process is done in the presence of Ultra-Light Violet,

after this begins the etching process in which the processor is inserted into an etching file, after which the design of the processor and the lion is visible, a photoresist player is placed on top of it, then topping up The process is started by which iron in plants are placed inside the silicon so that the flow of electricity inside the processor can be controlled, after which a copper layer is mounted on the processor,

this whole process is done at the micro-level, after this, the wafers are It is cut, many chips are made inside a wafer, then all the chips are cut and separated, then it is tested and the processor which passes in the testing is packed, the company which companies use to sell it. K Rati has Media Tech and Snapdragon processor in her phone, so in this way, our complete processor is built inside the company.

So, friends, I hope you must have known how processors are made, if you have liked the information given by us, then you can also share it, see you with your friends in the next similar amazing post.

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