PUBG to BGMI Data transfer

PUBG to BGMI Data transfer?

pubg to bgmi data transfer Friends, if you still have not been able to transfer your pubg mobile data to bgmi, then stay with this post, I will tell you all today, how all of you can get your pubg very easily. Mobile data can be transferred at BGMI, friends, recently there is a problem, whenever someone is going to transfer data, the data is not being transferred and he is facing the problem that you are not eligible for data transfer. To bgmi,

friends, if this problem is coming with you too, then you stay with me, I will give you the solution of this problem as well and I will also tell you how you can make your ease while having with all these problems. You can transfer data, you are busy with my data transfer, so friends, let’s move forward and know how to transfer the data of PUBG mobile also in bgmi.

1. Why Facebook option is not coming while transferring data?

Friends, right now the biggest problem that is coming in bgmi is that you are not getting the option of Facebook, in which after going to the type of data transfer, then friends why this problem is coming and whether there is any solution to this problem or not. Friends, if you all go to the official website of Battleground Mobile India, then you will see the option of notice there, by going there you can read the details mentioned there, Facebook data transfer has been shut down,

now you all Facebook Can’t transfer data from key id It will happen that you have to open your pubg account in the global one by connecting VPN and after that, you have to link your Twitter account there as well, your pubg account and after that, you all open your bgmi my game and there By going to your Twitter account, you can log in to your account. 100℅ will go, then friends, in this way your problem will be solved.

2. Is your account is connected to Google Play Games?

Step 1. Account connected to Google Play game

Friends, if your account is connected to Google Play game, then what can you do, friends, friends, pubg has not given you any such option so that all of you can recover your data from Google Play games, friends, if your account is also Google Play game all of you need to read this post if you want to transfer your data, then you must have read this information carefully, friends, first of all, you have to install pubg mobile global version and then you You have to connect to Google Play game,

Your account, and guice you can do all this only by applying VPN, then you must have connected VPN, you can connect any VPN, after you connect VPN when your game gets open So you have to sign up with Google Play game there and then you have to go to the account option and friends, you have to click on the link account,

Step 2. connect a Twitter ID

friends, as soon as you go, you will have to go there with whose ID you have supported Google Play game. If it is connected to, then on its right side you will see the icon of 1 plus You have to click on the icon of the same plus and then you will get the option to add an extra ID, then you have to select Twitter there and you have to connect a Twitter ID there,

after that all of you also bgmi You will open the game and again you have to go to the setting option, then you have to click on the option of account transfer and then it will take you to a new window also bgmi and there you have to enter your Twitter ID and You have to log in, friends, in this way also your account of Google Play Games will be recovered, friends, you can also try this method.

3. PUBG to BGMI Data transfer?

Now to transfer your Pubg to bgmi data, first of all, you have to open the bgmi game, when the game opens, after that, you have to open the setting tab, you will come to the same setting, you will continue to show the above data transfer, then all of you You have to click there and then you will be taken to a page, then you have to go there and you have to select your Twitter account which you were logged in to pubg mobile account,

you have to enter that Twitter account id password then after that your bgmi will restart again and your account will be transferred very easily so it was a very easy way by which you can solve your problem whatever is coming while transferring data in bgmi.

So I hope friends, if you have liked the information given by me, then if you like it, definitely share it with your friends, see you in the next post.

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